The rush for iPhone 5s as soon as they were available was intense, rabid even. So rabid that the delivery dates got pushed back about two weeks within an hour. According to AppleInsider though, if you wound up with the two-weeks-later date, you might not have to wait it out.

Apparently emails are rolling out to some iPhone-buyers explaining that despite what they heard before, they won't actually have to wait the two weeks after all; they'll get their iPhone 5 on release date just like they'd hoped.


If you bought an iPhone 5 and haven't checked your email recently, now might be a good time to. And if you haven't gotten an email, there's a glimmer of hope that you still might. On the other hand, you can just get ready to wait the extra two weeks patiently like an adult with half a scrap of self-restraint. Or keep refreshing the inbox. Your call. [AppleInsider]