Goodbye Sliced Bread: Dress Pant Sweatpants Officially The Greatest Thing Now

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Letting you easily go from the gym (or bed) to work without changing, Betabrand's drab gray dress pants are actually made from comfortable terry cloth. So you can relive your college days when it was ok to leave the dorm wearing pajamas.

To all but the most fashion-minded persons, the dress pant sweatpants look exactly like a pair of gray wool trousers complete with pockets, belt loops, and even a zippered fly. But instead of being scratchy and uncomfortable, they feel like your favorite pair of sweatpants that you probably should have thrown out when you graduated high school.

They're $90 a pair, though, and while that's quite a premium for a pair of workout pants, I'd happily replace my entire wardrobe with these. That is, if I didn't already spend my day wearing pajamas. Now all we need is Nike to make a pair Air Force One dress shoes. [Betabrand via bookofjoe]