Google: Apple's a Liar, Did Reject Google Voice iPhone App

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The juicy stuff in Google's response to the FCC about the Google Voice iPhone app that we couldn't read? Apple's a lying liarface, because they did reject the app. UPDATE: Apple responds, denies.

If you remember Apple gave the FCC this gem of a response: "Contrary to published reports, Apple has not rejected the Google Voice application, and continues to study it. The application has not been approved..." They didn't reject it, they simply hadn't approved it. Right.


Google's pulled the confidentiality request off its response to the FCC's inquiry, and they say it was rejected. There are some other noteworthy morsels in the full doc (PDF), like that Phil Schiller himself broke the news on July 7 they were rejecting GV to Google's VP of Engineering and Research Alan Eustace, and that part of the reason Apple rejected Google Latitude is that they were actually afraid it might replace the core Maps application, since it offered new features Maps didn't have.

It's absolutley amazing to see this kind of fear on Apple's part, given the position they're in with the iPhone. Because that's what these two rejections boil down to: fear. Still, things could get way more interesting, so stay tuned. [Google, WSJ via Loop Insight]