Google Barely Shows Real Search Results on Now

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Google it. Everyone who has ever connected to the Internet knows what that means. But should it really mean use Google to search for/find something on the Internet? Or should it be a term for being bombarded with ads and white space when you're looking for something.'s search results have all just become links to Google's own services.


Tutorspree analyzed how much space Google dedicates to its search results page and found that on a 13-inch MacBook Air screen, only 13% is dedicated to results (with those results usually being Wikipedia or Yelp). 29% of the page is Google AdWords, 14% is Google's navigation bar and 7% is links to Google Maps. The rest is Google's iconic white space.

Local searches are even worse because for one, Google automatically determines what's a local search and secondly, there's only 7% of immediate screen real estate dedicated to actual search results. What's amazing is that mobile searches are probably the absolute worst—it takes four page scrolls to get an 'organic' search result.

Google will always be indispensable as a service, no one doubts that, and it'll always feel the quickest but it's become a wee bit more complicated and self-serving than old Google. is just a way to round us up to use more Google. [Tutorspree via BoingBoing]


Starlifter -from the year 2014

I call Bullshit on this one Casey.

Your search was for "auto Mechanic", Your upper 12% results were:

Auto tech schools, seems like a valid return for your two word search.

Find an auto repair shop for GM vehicles, Also seems reasonable, I'm going to guess you have a GM?

An actual auto repair shop, How does that not fit as a return?

Your "7% is google maps" is a map to FREAK'N auto mechanics! How does that not qualify as a valid return?

The 17% percent section is a mix of schools, job openings, and auto shops. That is a reasonable set of returns for "auto mechanic".

The 13% that is claimed as "the only part dedicated to results" is:

The Wiki link, which is always a safe answer for any search engine.

The Yelp listing of area auto mechanics, IF you were looking for an auto mechanic, you might want to know what others think, so thats' good.

Another slightly different search via Yelp for auto mechanics in the area.

OK... again I call BULLSHIT. Based on the non-specific search for "auto mechanic" Google brought up mechanics, auto mechanic schools, maps of local auto mechanics, job listings for auto mechanics, the definition/wiki for auto mechanic, and customer referral search engine results for auto mechanics.

What the hell did you want as a result? What More could you want?

Jeesh.... I am going to get a head start on the weekend... (Opens bottle)