Google+ Birthday Reminders Invade Your Search Page

Yesterday, Google littered up its homepage with a Nexus 7 ad, but apparently that wasn't enough. Google will also be displaying birthday reminders for people in your Google+ circles. Ew. Go away Google!


Google's homepage is basically an open lot that Google has been reserving for over a decade. It makes sense that Google would put all that blank space to use sooner or later. Even though it now offers a million different services, search is still by far Google's most popular property. It needs to leverage that popularity to collect information about you and to do that, it really really needs you to use Google+.

Placing the birthday reminders on the search page serves the dual purpose of promoting Google+ and giving you one less reason to visit Facebook. Who cares if it totally screws up the minimalist design of the iconic homepage? Google's got products to flaunt. Oh well, hopefully it won't be long until some industrious developer builds a Chrome extension to block this horribleness. [Google+ via The Next Web]

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