Google Calendar Dies One Hour After Google Tweets About How Great It Is [Updated—It's Back]

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No, it’s not you. Google Calendar really does appear to be down. Navigating to will present you with a 404 error.


Twitter users began to complain about the outage at approximate 10:05 AM EST and Gizmodo staff has been unable to navigate to Google Calendar from either the US or Canada.

This isn’t even the first outage this month. On June 2nd, Google experienced another, apparently more extreme, outage that took out Calendar, Youtube, and a number of third-party apps.

We’ve reached out to Google for more details and will update when we know more.

No doubt a coincidence, but the last Tweet sent from Google’s G Suite Twitter account was about how the Calendar app makes scheduling simpler.

Update 10:48am EDT - Google responded to Gizmodo’s inquiry with a link to the G Suite status dashboard. Google is listing the outage as a service disruption and is investigating as of 10:22am EDT.


Update 12:01pm EDT — At 11:40am EDT Google bumped the problem with Google Calendar up from service disruption to service outage. It is still down.

Update 1:20pm EDT — Calendar appears to be back up and functioning for some people (including myself). Google claims full availability should be returned by 1:40pm EDT. Google has not stated what caused the outage.


Curiously many people, including one editor at Gizmodo, were sent to a captcha page when attempting to access Google Calendar during the outage. Just yesterday Wired reported on scams targeting Google Calendar and while it is a coincidence that Calendar went out a day after the scams were reported on there is nothing to suggest the two are related. We’ve again reached out to Google for clarity on the matter.

Update 3:19pm EDT - Google confirmed to Gizmodo that the captcha seen by some Calendar users during the outage was “legitimate” and “part of our migration.”


Also this article previously stated the URL for Calendar is That is incorrect and the correct address is reflected above. We regret the error.

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Gizmodo traffic is soaring this morning because everyone’s calendar is free.

(Who am I kidding. Like any of us wait for a free calendar to troll the Giz comment sections.)