Google CEO Eric Schmidt Is Not Impressed With Your iPad

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Google's CEO rarely comments publicly on the competition. When asked directly today about the iPad, though, he couldn't resist a minor jab in Apple's direction.


Schmidt was fielding questions from reporters at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland when he made is opinion—such as it is—of tablets known. Of course, Google also has a vested interest in the space, with more than a few upcoming slates set to run Android. Still! It's actually a pretty good point. [Guardian via Business Insider]


It's unfortunate, because I'd really like to see Google get behind Android as a tablet platform, endorsing and pushing at least one tablet in order to drive sales and generate developer interest.

The iPad as a piece of hardware is totally lazy and unnecessary, but the fact that developers will be able to write tablet-specific software in the iPhone SDK means that it's the first such device with a realistic possibility of getting good software support, and therefore the first such device with a possibility of becoming interesting and relevant.

Technically, I can go on the Android SDK right now and write an awesome Tablet application. All the tools are there, and I can tell if you're on a tablet or a phone by referencing your screen resolution (above a certain size = tablet, lower and you're a smartphone) but if I'm the only person bothering to do it then Android tablets will never gain any traction and nobody will ever see the results of my work.

Google can become a major competitor to Apple in the tablet space simply by endorsing something like MSI's new Android tablet, adding a couple of libraries to the SDK to make high resolution tablet-specific development a little bit easier, and just declaring to the world that the Android Tablet is a new platform that they support.