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Google Glass 2.0 Is Coming, According To a Google Glass Partner

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It seems that Google Glass is down, but not out: Italian eyewear maker Luxottica — better known as the company behind Oakley and Ray-Ban — has confirmed that it’s working with Google to make version 2.0 of the company’s faceputer.


As the WSJ reports, Luxottica’s CEO told a general meeting in Milan that it is “now working on [Google Glass] version 2, which is in preparation.” A Google spokesperson told the WSJ that “the team is heads down building the future of the product,” parrots the party line on Glass’s future pretty well.

As you may remember, Google wound down the initial Glass Explorer program in January of this year, placing the program under Nest CEO Tony Fadell. Some interpreted that as the death knell for the product, but Google claims it’s just the next step for Glass, taking it out of prototype phase and “making it ready for consumers”. Hopefully, part of that preparation involves working with stylish Italian men in suits to make it less ugly. [WSJ]


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As long as people think they’re being constantly filmed as you look at them, it’s going to piss people off and it will fail. Glass would be great as just a heads-up display for information...get rid of the camera.