Google showed off some new features of Google Glass at SXSW and they can be quite useful. For example, the New York Times will be integrated with Google Glass so you'll see pop up notifications of breaking news by tiling your head a certain way. You can even peep pictures, headlines or have Google Glass read the news to you too.

Google also showed off its Google Glass Path integration which allows for pictures to be uploaded to the social network and users to be alerted with notifications from Path. Gmail, an obvious feature for Google Glass, will show the email sender's photo and subject line on the screen. You can reply by dictation to any e-mail.


Google also said that Glass won't have any streaming video (other than from Google+) but I guess the end goal is to make every app you incessantly check on your phone a part of your real world vision. The future is connected! Or something. [Engadget]

Update: Here's a little demo on how Google Glass works too:

[YouTube via @NSElvis, @panzer]