Google Hopes Free Goodies Will Persuade You To Use Android Pay

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Mobile payments, like Apple Pay and Android Pay, is a nascent technology saddled with the ambitious goal of unseating the simple, plastic-y way of paying for things. It hasn’t been going so well. Now, Android Pay is using another tactic to change your mind—giving away free stuff.


Google’s calling it Tap 10. Although the company hasn’t officially launched its rewards scheme, users are already seeing the reward descriptions popping up within the app. You can also read Tap 10's terms and conditions for the complete details.

In summary, images posted at Droid Life show how it all works. For your first tap, you get a song. Second tap, song. Sixth tap? Yep, a song. But for the 10th tap... free Chromecast! Not too bad! Unfortunately, some popular banks, like Chase, are still left out of the Android Pay funtimes. (Here’s a complete list of partners, in case you’re wondering.)

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Bowie, Bowie, and Bowie, please? Via Droid Life.

Rumors back in October mentioned that Google was working on a way to entice users over to Android Pay, especially after being somewhat late to the game with its revamp of Google Wallet. Unlike Google, Apple hasn’t offered direct rewards for using its mobile payment service though companies like Discover and Walgreens have linked their own rewards programs with Apple Pay itself.

Absent official release, the terms and conditions says the offer ends February 29th, 2016 at 12pm PT and Google will probably start the promotion very shortly, possibly sometime today. Who knows if it’ll give a much-needed jolt to the erratic heartbeat of mobile payments. But either way, the free shit is yours for the taking.

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I’ve been around a decent chunk of North America and I’ve found that some places don’t take Apple Pay while others won’t take Discovery and yet others haven’t even heard of Google Wallet. I’ve never, ever, been to a place that won’t take the $20 bill out of my wallet. There’s too many ‘middle men’ now between my dollars and my purchases, which imo, it like having too many cooks in the kitchen. Wasteful, expensive, and an accident waiting to happen.