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Google Is Adding Animated GIF Search

Illustration for article titled Google Is Adding Animated GIF Search

Finding the perfect animated GIF to describe your feelings is about to get easier—Google is adding new filters to image search that let you designate the specific file type you're looking for.


On the results page, there's a button that says Search Tools. Select that and then under Any Type, you should see an option for Animated. Check it and when you search, you'll get GIFs galore that you can preview right there in the results. We're not seeing it here on any of our browsers yet, but we're assuming it's rolling out slowly. But that should give you enough time to consider the appropriate GIF to express your excitement. [Google via CNET]

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Hello, is this 2013? I believe I have fallen into a wormhole and I am now currently stuck on the internet in the late 90's. Send help.