Google Is Going To Nuke Private Profiles Starting August 1st

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Call it the Google+ effect. After July 31st, Google is going to delete all private profiles. There's no way to opt-out. If you want to keep your profile, you have to make at least your name and gender public.


Don't worry about Google deleting your profile. It won't delete your Google account or Gmail account. It just gets rid of the profile that you used for social services like Google Buzz or the sharing feature of Google Reader.

Of course, you could always convert your old Google Profile to a Google Plus account and join in the fun of exploring a new social network. [Search Engine Land]

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The problem with Google+ IMO is that seems too much too fast. While it might be a good product, if they want to ween people away from facebook, they need to do it slowly, almost like a sneak attack.

Basically they need to take their google audience, (users of gmail, greader, gvoice, etc.) and provide small features that these users will sign up for and start using. These users don't think they're quitting facebook, but just making better use of their google accounts. And in a matter of time, all these small features will add up, and one day people will realize is that these new google services have replaced the need for facebook, and there google wins.