Image: Google

If you use Google’s products, there’s a good chance the company already has a copy of your credit card details stored somewhere—in your Chrome browser’s autofill settings, gathering dust in a Google Wallet, or inside Android Pay. But soon, “over the coming weeks,” Google says it will merge the various ways it gobbles up this information under a new umbrella called Google Pay.

The rebrand is coming a little late in the game. Google has explored various ways of enabling digital payments since 2011, when it first released Google Wallet. Then in 2015, Google came out with Android Pay, with support from three major US carriers. But in 2017, Google’s service trailed seriously behind its competitors—Samsung Pay and Apple Pay, according to Juniper Research and payments industry site PYMNTs.


Google says it’s worked for a year to “make these [payments] experiences simpler, safer, and more consistent,” but for now the only change we can see is a new logo, which looks like this:

Google already employed a similar logo and name for “Pay with Google,” its very similar-sounding online checkout service, which came out in October.


Google boasted on its blog that Google Pay is supported by a handful of services today, including Airbnb and Fandango.

We’ve reached out to Google to find out if it’s completely retiring the Google Wallet and Android Pay names globally.

Update January 8th, 1:56 PM: A person familiar with the matter at Google tells Gizmodo that the Android Pay and Google Wallet products aren’t undergoing any major feature changes, but will now operate under the Google Pay name. In stores, the Google Pay brand will replace Android Pay in the months ahead. And the Chrome Autofill setting will just be called Google Pay.


Update February 20th: The Google Pay rollout is happening now. So long, Google Wallet and Android Pay.