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Google Maps for Android Ensures You Never Miss a Train Again

Illustration for article titled Google Maps for Android Ensures You Never Miss a Train Again

It was already a joy to use, but Google's update of Google Maps for Android (version 4.3) squeezes in transit info, restaurant/services reviews and a nice tie-in with Latitude, where Google contacts can be contacted easily.


That Latitude update lets you find which of your Google Contacts are using the service, so you can share your location with them (or not). It's taken a while, but the reviews section will show you the most frequently-mentioned opinions on a place (such as a restaurant), color-coding the places depending on how glowing the reviews are.

Perhaps most useful for those who live in cities, such as New York or San Francisco, you'll now be able to see when the next trains or buses run, by tapping the station within Google Maps. The departure times will then be displayed. It's a free update, and chances are you've already seen it—but if not, open up Maps now and check out the new features. [Google Mobile blog]

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Sadly MTA here in NYC doesn't follow it's own bloody schedule.

Nice addition, regardless.