Google Maps Hack Allows You to Nuke Any City In One Click

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It must be the two hundred and twenty-three times I've watched War Games, but I love this Google Maps "mapplet" that allows you to nuke cities with different atomic weapons, and even a Chicxulub-class asteroid.


Created by CarlosLabs, the Ground Zero Google Maps hack shows you the blast radius of different nuclear weapons, from Little Boy—the 15-kiloton uranium bomb that obliterated Hiroshima—and Fat Man—its 21-kiloton plutonium counterpart that did the same with Nagasaki—to the Tsar Bomba, the 50 megaton beast produced by the Soviet Union in the 60s.

Just search for your favorite or most hated city, select your weapon—or asteroid—click "Nuke It!" and see the reach of the destruction. I just wish it had the "whoomp" sound that you could hear in the movie every time a warhead impacted in the screens of Crystal Palace. [Ground Zero via BLDGBLOG]



Surprised you didn't use that know...the one that got bombed.....nevermind.