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Google Me, Their Big Social Project, is Now Called Google +1?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Initially called a "Facebook killer," Google Me is now said to be a social toolbar/Chrome extension—but don't get too disappointed. Rumormongers are saying the project's so big, Sergey Brin is playing an active part in the development.


TechCrunch has reported several different project names have been bandied about, including "Emerald Sea," but the latest (and greatest, in my opinion) is Google +1, or Google Plus One. You can start to imagine the level of socialness in this project—liking or "plus one-ing" something like you do on Facebook. Supposedly it'll be built into Chrome or come as a toolbar, rather than a social networking site.

When can we expect to see this Google +1? Mashable is claiming it's been delayed until March/April, so we've got some time yet before all is revealed. As a big fan of (most) of what Google launches, I've got to say I'm pretty excited. [TechCrunch and Mashable]