Google Pays $450 Million to Be a Part of the ADT Family

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Photo: Josh Edelson (Getty Images)

Since buying Nest back in 2014, Google hasn’t been shy about turning the hardware company into one of the biggest names in home security. Now, the company’s moving to bolster those security chops even more with the help of the home-automation giants over at ADT.


According to a blog post from Nest Vice President Rishi Chandra, the company will be pouring $450 million dollars into ADT, effectively becoming an owner of roughly six and a half percent of ADT’s stock. Aside from making their mark financially, the ensuing “multiyear partnership” that Chandra describes will see ADT professional installers across the country being partnered with “Nest’s portfolio of helpful home devices.”

The ultimate goal here, according to Chandra, is that Nest’s algorithmic chops will boost ADT’s reputation in the home security game and that Nest’s portfolio will eventually be the “cornerstone” of ADT’s smart home setups.

“The goal is to give customers fewer false alarms, more ways to receive alarm events, and better detection of potential incidents inside and around the home,” he wrote.

Further, the ADT name doesn’t resonate with new consumers while Nest, with its collection of small devices that can follow you from apartment to apartment, is far more familiar to the Millenial audience.

According to the announcement, ADT customers are also going to be able to get their hands on Nest Aware, a subscription service that gives Nest product owners access to 30 days worth of historical data of the goings-on in their home.



Sure, a huge tech giant who’s known as the foremost leader in collecting people’s information, aggregating it, analyzing it, and searching through it can get all up in business with the country’s foremost always-on-camera company (I mean... home security company). What could possibly go wrong?

Look, I’m not a paranoid person, and I honestly don’t personally care about this, but you have to admit it sounds a little 1984-ish.