Google Play Music Has A Stunning New Visualizer

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Visualizers were the sort of thing that I kind of assumed had died with Windows Media Player and Winamp. But Google says no. Google says you must have motion with your music.

If you needed another reason to use Google's online music service (apart from it still having the Taylor Swift back collection, duh), its new Particles visualizer is pretty compelling. The graphics aren't the kind of sci-fi effect you used to get from Windows Media Player; rather, it's something like what happens when you drop ink in water, only there's two of them and they dance around to the music.

To enable Particles, just stick a song on, and then hover over the album art in the bottom-left. You'll get an option for Particles popping up just to the right.


While this probably isn't going to suddenly cause you to up sticks from Spotify, it's nonetheless a cool added extra. I've got Spotify semi-permanently open on one of my monitors, and it's a refreshing change to have these pretty dots doing a dance for me. As for how long it'll take to get old? Check back with me after a full day of blogging. [Google Play via Android Authority]

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I'm a "visualizations" person and was annoyed that modern players don't have at least very simple visualizations but I kind of understand that it may have to do with battery drain and/or other factors. But I've always used a program called Project M, not only does it work with music playing from another program, but can also just use the microphone and also accepts some finger input. I always have it on my tablet or phone, but then again I'm always plugged into a power source. Winamp was cool but I had also used a now obscure "Sonique".

I use mainly Spotify now, but even though it has a "download locally" option, sometimes it's not reliable, that is the only thing I miss, the audio programs that let you download to a device for when you can't stream.