A leaked report from Morgan Stanley seems to suggest that Google will pay Apple a cool $1 billion dollars in 2014 to remain the default search engine in iOS.

TechCrunch reports the leak, explaining that Google only paid $82 million for the same privilege in 2009. That's got analysts suggesting that the payment is on a pay-per-device basis—but nobody knows for sure. What it does mean, though, is that for every dollar of ad revenue Google makes on iOS searches, Apple creams off 75 cents.


For perspective, Google will apparently pay $400 million to Mozilla for similar reasons in 2014—and Google is the main contributor to that organization. But while $1 billion is change for Apple, it's still a sizeable sum for Google, which managed a $2.9 billion profit last quarter. [TechCrunch]

Image by AP

Update: Just to be clear, analysts are just guessing in cases like this. Your belief that Apple is paying Google with several dozen clamshells is equally valid. Please ignore, please move on.