Illustration for article titled Google+ Thinks the Account It Personally Set Up for Neil Gaiman Is Fake

Looks like Google+ is even having trouble keeping their own accounts active. Illustrious author and Twitter savant Neil Gaiman's page has been suspended under suspicion of being a fake. The only thing is—that's the page Google made for him.


Gaiman took to Twitter today to express puzzlement over the odd turn of events.


But that's not all. In Google's relentless hunt to take down their self-made potentially phony pages, it's actually leaving the legitimate frauds live.

We've asked Google to clarify what might have happened and were simply told that they "suggest folks report impersonations to us." So who are we to believe? We may never know. The better question: If an account is suspended on a network you don't use, did it ever really exist in the first place?

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