Google to Sell Chrome Laptops to Students for $20 Per Month?

Image for article titled Google to Sell Chrome Laptops to Students for $20 Per Month?

Good news if you are a student who wants a Chrome OS laptop and missed out on the free Cr-48. Google may announce a purchase plan that lets you buy a Chrome OS laptop for $20 per month.


This small fee includes both the hardware and online services needed for Chrome OS. Later this year, Google may launch a similar plan for small and medium-sized businesses, too—something to watch out for.

This all lines up with what we'd heard previously about the Cr-48 business model, but having as solid a pub as Forbes back up the news on the eve of the I/O day two keynote seems to make this a pretty sure thing. [Forbes]



not a bad deal.... my only issue is that there are few reasons why this would be better then simply using school computers for a college student. In-fact many schools already rent out or give out computers as part of tuition in addition to giving free access to computers, which run software that these computers simply can't. For example as a comp sci student I require compilers, Luckily most if not all teachers provide these in a simple ssh connection, but i have yet to find a good way to do that in a browser. Simply not worth it.

Don't get me wrong I probably will take part in this (just because I can, and curiosity) but I struggle to see the benefit for a college student.