Google TV Launching in Fall, Says Eric Schmidt

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It may've already crept into a young girl's bedroom, but for the rest of us, Google TV will creep onto US TVs this fall, and the rest of the world next year.


Eric Schmidt made the announcement at the closing keynote for the IFA convention in Germany today, saying that while they "will work with content providers," it is "very unlikely that we will get into actual content production."

Last week we showed you what Sony TVs running Google TV would look like, and thanks to that aforementioned advert with Google TV scaring a young girl witless, we have a vague idea of what to expect from the Logitech Revue camp, too.

It's also thought that the Korean giants LG and Samsung are also interested in Google TV. [Reuters]



things like this and maybe the new apple tv have the real capability to squeeze out cable and satellite providers. for this to happen however pretty much all content must be available via in demand or live streaming.

internet lines are gonna destroy all other information and media infrastructures.