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Google vs. Apple Maps: Total Domination

Google Maps for iOS is so much better than Apple's attempt at a replacement that it will make you giggle. But you can't grasp just how much better—almost perfect—iOS Google Maps is unless you see it in action. Here it is, head-to-head with Apple Maps. It's not even close.


Google Maps is exactly what it should be, aside from being the comforting Maps we used to know on our iPhones. It beats the hell out of the last version. Google Maps isn't just back, it's better than it's ever been—the best map app, period.

  • It's fast. Your neighborhoods will load very, very quickly.
  • It's accurate. No stupid erroneous listings.
  • It's beautiful. Cleanly designed.
  • It's easy to use—you can quickly swipe menu options in and out of view.
  • It has public transit.
  • It has Street View.

You won't find yourself frustrated, lost, or yearning like you might've been with Apple Maps. You probably won't have any complaints at all, unless you miss Siri giving you directions.


This is the map app we should have had all along, and you should download it right now if you haven't already. This is as good as tech dénouement gets.

Video by Michael Hession
Music by Upright TRex

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Sadly I don't think it will catch on:

99.99% of iphone users will not care. "Apple maps is better because apple made it!" they'll say.

Also the iphone's lack of openness will hobble google maps, and not allow it the "killer" features that will give it a fair footing against apple maps. Not being able to click a link, or an address, and have google maps open up will mean that most people continue to use apple maps. This is the apple way: Innovation through forced usage.