Google's Project Tango is a prototype tablet that can see in 3-D. Although it's mostly aimed at developers, that's not stopping Google from putting the tablet on the Play Store, along with a $1,024 price tag (although it's not actually for sale quite yet).

When it was launched, Google's stated objective for Project Tango was "to give mobile devices a human scale understanding of space and motion." To do that, it's got a motion-sensing camera and a 3-D depth camera (basically, a tablet-mounted Kinect), with two computer vision processors and a Nvidia K chip powering things behind the scene. At the moment, companies are playing around with using it for gaming and AR apps, but that's just scratching the surface.


Although you can't buy Project Tango quite yet, sticking it on the Play Store is a fairly clear indication that Google's planning to take this to a broader market than just developers; although, then again, Google Glass is available worldwide by this stage, but it's still not exactly a big hit. [Play Store via Android Central]

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