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Google's Android Design Guide Will Make Your Apps Sooooo Fierce

Illustration for article titled Googles Android Design Guide Will Make Your Apps Sooooo Fierce

Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) has made great strides in bringing the look of Android into a more consistent, cohesive form. Google's apps all look and behave very similarly, but now third-party app developers need to adapt. Luckily, Google is providing a map.


As of today, app developers can click on over to Android Design and pick up all of the tips and tricks for making their apps look and work great with Ice Cream Sandwich. It's the baby of Matias Duarte, the man who is reshaping Android's user experience and making things, well, way better to use. And this is no half-assed PDF; Matias views this as an integral part of Android's future. In an interview with Wired Magazine (which you should read), he said:

This is the second part of our Ice Cream Sandwich launch. As this site goes up, I can feel like it's finished. Like ICS is truly complete.


Them's no small potatoes. Indeed an OS is only as strong as its ecosystem. You can have a beautiful hill, but if all the trees on it are gnarled, the hill looks gnarled, too. This guide should provide everything needed for apps to blend in nicely with the landscape, while still maintaining their own personalities. As Android evolves, so will the guide. It can't be easy for developers to keep their apps playing nicely with an OS that averages two major updates a year (effectively twice as many as iOS). Hopefully, this will make things a bit easier on them, and on our eyes and fingers. [Android Design via Wired]

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i've had a bit of a revelation - android is starting to look properly good. And that after this long, I think I'm locked into the apple eco-system. Everything from shazam to simplnote, the image editing apps, itunes. If it wasn't for all that stuff - my next phone would be an android. just for the change even.