Google isn’t too popular in the EU right now, but it’s hoping that a new scheme may help smooth things a little. Its new Digital News Initiative will see it invest $150 million to help European publishers—including the FT and Guardian—to establish “more sustainable models for news.”

The Guardian reports that the investment will see Google establish a working group with eight major EU publishers—including Les Echos in France, NRC Media in the Netherlands, El Pais in Spain, La Stampa in Italy, and Die Zeit in Germany, as well as the FT and Guardian—which will provide training and research around digital journalism. It’s claimed that it will help “increase revenue, traffic and audience engagement,” by encouraging “products focusing on ads, video, apps, data and paid-for journalism.” Whether it will improve the EU’s view of Google is unclear—but for the news-reading public, it may at least be a good thing. [Guardian]


Image by AP