Recently, Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz forecasted trouble for Google because search accounts for "99.9% of their business." In a talk with Michael Arrington today, Google's President of Global Sales Operations Nikesh Arora leveled this response. Giddyup.


When Arrington brought up Bartz's comments, Arora was quick to respond:

If we are a one trick pony, we have a pretty good trick.

And it's true—Google dominates search because they're good at it—but at the same time it's not: clearly the company's looking at Android as a future source of revenue, and more ads are showing up on YouTube seemingly every day.


When someone asked, as a follow-up question, if Google's "second trick" could be its cloud services, Arora said he thought it could be a billion dollar source of revenue within four years. I wonder what Bartz would have to say about that. [TechCrunch]