Gorgeous Alien Posters Send Its 35th Anniversary Out In Style

Ridley Scott's Alien turned 35 in 2014 - and with the year almost over, what better way to celebrate one of the all time icons of Sci-Fi and horror than with incredible artwork?

Header Image Credit: Alien, by The Dark Inker - Full poster here.

Over the last week the fine folks at Poster Posse have unveiled three series of posters based on Alien, and they're all pretty damn amazing (also I happen to love how many of them focus on Jones the cat as an iconic piece of imagery to take from the movie. Perfect). It's been a great year for Poster Posse's themed collections, but this one might just be their best. Check out some of the most beautiful posters below, then hit the links at the bottom of the post to see more.


Alien by John Aslarona

Alien: 35th Anniversary by Doaly


Alien 35th Anniversary by Laurie Greasley


Alien 35th Anniversary (Jones Variant) by Thomas Walker


It's All About Ripley by Simon Delart


Life Cycles by Sam Ho

[via Poster Posse]

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