Gorillamobile Monkey-Hangin' Tripod For Your Mobile Devices

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Sadly, the Gorillamobile isn't a suped up car for a superhero primate—but it is a very cool tripod for your mobile devices.

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The flexible ball-and-socket tripod legs can affix to or balance on just about any surface and it is compatible with almost any kind of mobile device that you might want to use hands-free. Expect it to be available in late summer for $35.

Joby Launches Gorillamobile, Ingenious Tripod with Widespread Mobile Device Compatibility and Limitless Functionality

Features include four interchangeable quick-release adapters, flexible leg joints with rubberized grips, secure locking mechanism and travel friendly design

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - July 29, 2009 – Joby, the world renowned designer of the Gorillapod line of innovative camera tripods, is pleased to announce the Gorillamobile. Representing the first product in a new product line, the Gorillamobile promises unparalleled tripod compatibility for almost all mobile devices. Featuring the critically acclaimed ball-and-socket tripod legs that affix to and balance on any surface, the Gorillamobile provides consumers with a universal system for mounting any portable device. Photo-taking, video-recording, talking and movie-watching have never been easier!
The Gorillamobile is ideal for mobile phones, PDAs, MP3 players, portable gaming devices, GPS units, mini video cameras, pocket projectors and almost any other mobile device a consumer might want to utilize in a hands-free manner. The Gorillamobile pack includes a custom-engineered suction cup mounting system, two removable high-bond adhesive clips and the traditional universal camera adapter to ensure maximum compatibility. Whether the user needs a temporary hold or prefers something more permanent, the adapters provide the solution.

"The Gorillamobile will satisfy the overwhelming demand we've had to develop a portable and delightful product for the person seeking a tripod and flexible mounting system for all his mobile devices," said Joby COO Forrest Baringer-Jones. "The Gorillamobile truly creates endless possibilities and is sure to become a ‘can't leave home without it' product."

The Gorillamobile weighs under 2 ounces, is just under 6-inches tall and has a MSRP of $34.95. The product will ship in late summer and will be available globally.



Awesome. Gorillapods have proven their worth (and reliability) to me, and I trust mine with my digital SLR in even the craziest positions. This would make a nice universal mount for my G1 when I want to use it for GPS in my car, and also for my little HD digital camcorder for wierd shots.

That's equal parts AWESOME and WIN in my book.