You got questions? Questions that don't have to do with explaining when to use your flash or why cheap headphones are no good? I got answers.

Think of this as less about explaining technology and more about explaining what you should do with technology. Some examples:

• In what instances is it acceptable to wear a belt holster for your phone? (Prelim. answer: Only if you are handsome like Sean Fallon)
• How do I convince my wife/husband that we really need a 60+ inch television?
• My friend/taxi driver is texting while driving. What should I say, if anything, while I'm in the car?
• DVR or Hulu?
• How many seconds can a phone be in a toilet before it's considered a loss, even if it still works?
• Is it OK to hack my neighbor's Wi-Fi, even if they're kind of dicks?


Send all your questions to The more interesting it is, the more likely it is I'll answer it. And if you don't get your questions answered, try again—because Dear Abby doesn't know the difference between Boxee, Plex and XBMC.