Got Some Babies? Take a Gander at The NightLight

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My sister and I have created, a guide to the best stuff for your baby and you. We've just deployed our main site, and I'd appreciate it if you'd come bang on it and tell me what you think.


Our method is simple: use every resource at our disposal to find the very best baby products, from cribs to bottles to diapers (in progress!). That includes testing, reporting, and researching everything else that's out there. Hilariously, it's basically a process and skill we learned from doing gadget reviews for years. It's surprising how rare that is in other areas outside of technology!

We've got a handful of guides up already—each one takes dozens of hours to complete, and that's just the first round of updates—but we're cranking away on many, many more. (If you sign up for the newsletter, we occasionally rope subscribers in for testing duties, which can be fun. We sent like a hundred-plus bottles to parents across the countries for our bottles review.)

We've got all our guides on Kinja, as well, so you can pull out sections and comment. (And we'll be splicing future ones on Gizmodo as they are published.) Our mission is to be 100% confident that our suggestions are the right ones for 90% of parents—and getting there is a continual process of testing, listening to your criticism, and testing again.


The Stig's graphic designer cousin

The design is clean and easy to use and the reviews are comprehensive. Very nice site. I can see this becoming a great resource as your review library grows.

Now, selfishly, I have a suggestion/request. My youngest is turning 2 in August, so it's pretty much the time to start researching carseats on the big move from rear facing to front facing. Any plans on doing a car seat review anytime soon? :)