This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Just days after we notice the mixed piece on the beautiful but ridiculously priced B&O Serene cellphone in the NYTimes, I notice GQ's scathing declaration that the B&O BeoCom 2 is the worst landline phone to ever hook up to POTS.

Even the most masochistic consumer will resent the two-column number pad, a bewildering design choice that complicates what should be a simple act: dialing.


This is exactly why we need the mainstream media's gadget coverage—to keep us on our toes when the gadget lust comes in and common sense hits the fan.

The article is written by Michael Hsu, instead of Associate Editor Kevin Sintumuang. It cleverly reminds us that everyone has a cellphone these days, but not everyone has the landline. That makes it a bit of a reverse tech geek icon: Oooh, you can totally dial BBS with that shit, man. Furthermore, the landline is likely clearer than any cellphone, and you won't drop any calls. Obvious, but worth the reminder.

Jump for my favorite landline handset out of the rest of the article...

ITT 2500 Vintage Bell

The Bell 2500 Desk phone was last made in 1986,
prior to the big phone company "break-up." Since
the Phone Company was required to repair these
phones when they broke, they rarely did! These
are possibly the sturdiest telephones available
today. Great for teenagers, rough environments,
even business and factory applications. They have
an adjustable real mechanical bell ringer.


Ghetto tech fabulous at $49.

The Basic 2500 Desk Telephone - Vintage Bell [Custom Phones]


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