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After months of deliberation, the stylish lads at Men.Style have revealed 2006's top gear. Their manifest is essentially a laundry list of pretty-boy tech (aka stuff you'd never buy) with price tags high enough to give you vertigo. Case in point, they chose Geneva Lab's $1,075 XL speakers as best iPod accessory. Anyone who can afford to drop $1k on a pair of iPod speakers feel free to adopt me. Among the duds of '06, they listed the...

Sirius Stiletto (which equally disappointed us) and YouTube, though oddly enough, they list the Etymotic Ety8s as one of a handful of gadgets to look out for in '07. As much as I like Etymotic, these things are hideous. My personal picks for '06 would've included Asus' S6F (the non-leather edition is one of the best ultraportables out there) and the Soloist Media Dock for Sirius (looking at that pic still makes me drool). What would you guys nominate for most stylish gear of '06?


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