Griffin Releases Dock Connector Accessories

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Third-party accessory companies have been scrambling to get together a line of accessories that fit in the iPod's dock connector, thanks to the recent iPod nano and 5G iPods that have done away with the remote jack on top. One of the first out the door is Griffin Technology, which recently launched dock connector versions of the iTrip, the AirClick, and the SmartDeck. Really brief recaps on them: The iTrip is an FM transmitter, the AirClick is a remote control, and the SmartDeck is a cassette adapter that lets you use the car's tape deck as the iPod's controls.

The new iTrip is $49.99, AirClick is $39.99, and SmartDeck is $29.99.

iTrip with Dock Connector Product Page [Griffin Technology]
Airclick Product Page [Griffin Technology]
SmartDeck with Dock Connector Product Page [Griffin Technology]


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