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When Griffin introduced its TuneBuds for nano ($34.99), a lanyard that competes directly with Apple's iPod nano lanyard that costs $15 more, our interest was piqued. After 24 hours of intense listening to all different kinds of music and talk, we can only say that the TuneBuds don't sound quite as good as the Apple version, but the difference is subtle. The TuneBuds sound a little tinny and slightly hollow compared to the Apple phones, but that difference is far overshadowed by the sound isolation from its in-ear style phones, as opposed to Apple's earbud-style drivers.


TuneBuds aren't adjustable—the Apple lanyard phones are—but we noticed that the TuneBuds' necklace length is just about perfect for easy usability anyway. A plus for the style-conscious: TuneBuds are available in either black or white to perfectly match that nano.

TuneBuds have solid-sounding bass and crisp highs even when playing sub-standard-fidelity mp3s, and the difference in sound between them and the Apple lanyard doesn't justify the $15 difference in price. Overall, we give the Griffin TuneBuds for nano a big thumbs-up.

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