Griffin TuneBuds nano

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Griffin takes direct aim at Apple's nano in-ear lanyard headphones with its TuneBuds nano, a $34.99 knockoff of the outrageously overpriced ($49) Apple product. Although this is not the first attempt to knock those pricey earpieces off their precarious perch, these TuneBuds use the same idea as the Apple lanyard with their audio cables that are integrated into the lanyard, but take the concept a step further with the in-ear style sound-isolating earbuds.

Since we're partial to the black nano, we're really digging the black color of this product as well. You can choose them in white, too, but we're warning you: nothing says "mug me" quite as conspicuously as a white pair of iPod earphones dangling from your ears.


Plus, we're already using some of Griffin's excellent EarJams to get that in-ear sound with the stock iPod buds anyway, so this innovation will be welcome. We'll give these a listen and let you know how they sound.

Product Page [Griffin]