Groupon CEO: We Need to Stop Taking Stupid Risks

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Here's something—other than reactivated coupons—that might cheer up disgruntled users of Groupon: its CEO does at least admit that the company's been acting like a bunch of irresponsible asses.


In a Wall Street Journal article, CEO Andrew Mason explaines that Groupon has been behaving inappropriately. "We're still this toddler in a grown man's body in many ways," he said, before going on to admit that recent financial issues at Groupon were "the latest in a string of just us making an example of how bad we are at being a public company. We have to get good at this."


He went on to add that, if the company's to succeed, it must slow down and focus on fewer initiatives, including on "quality and control" and "not taking stupid risks." No. Shit.

Amusingly, this was all said at a closed-door employee meeting, during which, the Journal claims, Mason was drinking beer throughout. So, not growing up too quickly at least. [Wall Street Journal]

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Aint nothing wrong with drinking beer at a business meeting. Aslong as you dont get drunk and make an ass out of yourself. Having a relaxed business meeting can help productivity and help clear team grievances.