Grow an Indoor Garden on Your Wall With a Sleek, Magnetic Planter System

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From its humble beginnings as an—ahem—Kickstarter project, Urbio has parlayed a successful fundraising drive into actual indoor gardening products that actual people can buy.

On display at ICFF 2012, the Urbio system makes use of planter bins and wall tiles formed of polypropylene, and held together by neodymium magnets, the Urbio system combines a clean look with modern lines, resulting in a product that will fit in most homes. Fill em with your favorite succulents, or inanimate objects; either way, it'll look great.


Prices vary depending on what you want, but as far as bundles go, there's a starter kit, which includes six planter bins and six wall tiles for $175. Or you can spring for three bins and two tiles for $75. The choice is yours. [Urbio]