Parrot, a company more famous for making the AR Drone, is attempting to smarten up your garden with the Flower Power. It's a Bluetooth sensor that looks like a cute little tree branch that you place inside your flower pot to measure sunlight, humidity, temperature and fertilizer. Basically, you'll know exactly what each of your plants need in real time.

The Flower Power is currently only a 'project' but when it releases later this year it'll comes accompanied with an app that details everything the Flower Power reads. So if your plant is thirsting for water, the app will send you a warning when you need to water it. If it needs more fertilizer, the Flower Power will suggest you to add fertilizer in your next watering session. The app comes pre-loaded with thousands and thousands of plants so you can get tailored recommendations for each of your plants.


Parrot hasn't set a price for the Flower Power but it looks like if you want a smarter garden, this cute little tree branch might be what you'll need.

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