When it comes to safely transporting an infant or toddler in a car there are hundreds of elaborately designed car seats to choose from. But when it comes to safely getting a trio of newborn growler bottles home from a brewery, you're expected to just toss them in you trunk and hope for the best. Well thanks to the Growler On Board, that's no longer the case.

Also referred to as the Beer Transport Unit—or BTU for short—the koozie-like foam support holds up to three bottles in a vertical orientation so there's less risk of them bouncing around, colliding with each other, or spilling. And while the $30 BTU is just as effective when placed on the floor or in the trunk of your car, for maximum safety you can even buckle it into the front seat so there's absolutely no risk of anything happening to your bottles. After all, you'd never think of throwing your kids in the trunk, would you? So why would you put your even more fragile microbrews at risk?


[Growler On Board via Cool Material]