Guided By Voices: Everywhere With Helicopter

When it comes to Guided By Voices' absurdly huge discography, most people seem to come down on Bee Thousand as the stand out record. And you know what? Rightly so; it's a great album. That said, when I stumbled upon "Everywhere With Helicopter" off GBV's somewhat later effort Universal Truths and Cycles on Pandora, it was instantly and by far my favorite song I'd heard by the band.

Naturally, it has incomprehensible, arguably non-sensical lyrics, but also a super catchy melody, Pollard's strong-suit. Likewise, the video is similarly bewildering in its complete and utter lack of anything that has to do with anything. In spite of—or perhaps because of—all that, "Everywhere With Helicopter" is a great tune to just rock out to, in any way that you happen to see fit, so long as you don't think about it too hard. Give it a try. [Spotify, Amazon, iTunes]


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