Guitar Hero Gets Its Own DS

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You know Guitar Hero has gotten ridiculously big when the franchise gets its own Nintendo DS. Coordinated with the Guitar Hero: On Tour launch June 22, a silver and black Nintendo DS adorned with the Guitar Hero logo will be available in a limited edition bundle. The price is yet to be announced, but specially branded DS systems rarely cost any sort of premium. The real price you'll pay is the irreversible damage all that heroin does to your body. [Kotaku]

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ugly... "half silver" comon nintendo gotta stop the dual colors. full body silver would look nicer like the japanese version. and the guitar hero silkscreen is like they didnt have time to design a nice one and slapped on a sticker.... having a guitar engrave would be nice, even better small different guitar arrange like louis vuitton.

nintendo (of America), you dissapoint me.