Gundam Air Ionizer Freshens Room, Saves Humanity

Illustration for article titled Gundam Air Ionizer Freshens Room, Saves Humanity

Banpresto's releasing 7 odd Gundam-styled accessories next month, but the most interesting one is this Gundam USB Ionizer. It's shaped like the "White Base", white apparently looks like a lion lazily stretching itself after an afternoon nap. We're not sure which parts of the Gundam takes in the air and which part excretes it with slightly more ionization, but it's probably those jets on the legs. Oh, and there's also a USB hub in there that looks like some kind of explosive box, but that's slightly less cool than a friggin space lion. [Akihabara News via Sci Fi Tech via Everything USB]

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Ummmm wouldn't it be bad to have highly ionized air near a PC if you live in a dry climate like Phoenix, AZ or something like that?

I'm having a "Peter Venkman" "Don"t cross the streams! That would be bad." moment with this piece of USB hardware.