Guy Accidentally Sets a New Tetris Record

The NES version of Tetris debuted in 1989, but its popularity remains steadfast in the competitive scene nearly 30 years later. Almost every record currently available on Speedrun for Tetris is months, if not days old, with experts practicing to continually hone their craft and dethrone competitors.

And then there’s Jonas Neubauer.

Better known as NubbinsGoody, he’s is no less dedicated to the art of perfecting Tetris. But during an attempt at speed-clearing 100 lines in the game, Neubauer broke an entirely different record without meaning to—becoming the first ever player to score 300,000 points in under 2 minutes.


That moment of confusion and delight occurs around the three-minute mark.

In accomplishing feats with or without meaning to, it helps to be extremely good at the thing you’re doing. According to Speedrun, Neubauer took first place for clearing 100 lines the next day.

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