Yes, you read that right. We have someone who said he's willing to get tased with a C2 Taser, live at Giz Gallery TODAY. And you better believe we'll have that on camera. UPDATE #2: It's on...tomorrow!.


James Del, who works in Gawker's sales department, says he's up for the task. So at 2:30p today, we'll be tasing him in the gallery. If you have any interest in seeing someone take 50,000 volts to the stomach, you'll want to be there. We're pretty excited. Two. Thirty. Pee. Em. BE THERE.

UPDATE: So, The Man just cracked down on us and said we might not be allowed to taser anyone at all—not even our own kin. So we're trying to work this out. Turns out The Man is OK with us tasing James as long as he/she/it is here. But apparently that wont be til tomorrow. :-(


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