Guy Builds Gigantic Glowing Lightsabers For the Best Christmas Display Ever

When it comes to home made lightsabers—a popular pastime for Star Wars fans—Bob Clagett doesn’t mess around. He was recently hired to build a pair for a client’s holiday display, and the gigantic results put any Christmas tree, gingerbread house, or nativity scene to shame.

Clagett has documented his build over on I Like To Make Stuff (and in the video above) if you want to build one of your own for that giant inflatable snowman on your lawn to hold. And thankfully, you won’t need exotic materials from the farthest corners of the galaxy, just some cardboard concrete forms, corrugated plastic sheeting, some spray paint, and a pair of spotlights.


Somewhere, a giant Jedi is no longer feeling left out.

[I Like To Make Stuff via Core77]

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