Guy Builds Home-Made Nerf Gun That's Powerful Enough to Blast Foam Darts Right Through a Can

One of the things that makes toy dart blasters fun is that they can’t really hurt you. Sure, it doesn’t exactly tickle if you get shot at close range, but toy makers limit the power to keep lawsuits at bay. However, you don’t ever want to find yourselves in the crosshairs of this homebrew dart gun that’s powerful enough to pierce a can.


YouTuber Giaco Whatever, who previously attached a bunch of razor blades to a spinning top, always seems to put safety second. That’s not good for him if something goes wrong, but it certainly results in entertaining videos. His latest creation, a home-made dart blaster, generates 400 PSI of pressure, which is roughly what you’d experience if you dove 870 feet underwater. That’s enough power to blast a foam Nerf dart all the way through an aluminum can, and a good enough reason to never get drawn into a dart battle with this guy.


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Cool idea. Wonder what the upper end is before the nerf darts start to disintegrate? Music and lighting are a little tedious in the vid.