Perhaps this should be the punishment of all selfie takers. Or at least all selfie takers who put themselves in potentially dangerous situations just to take a damn picture of their mug blocking everything behind it. Jared Michael, the foolish guy in the video, paid the price. He tried to take a selfie in front of a passing train but instead got kicked in the head by the train conductor.

I'm not sure why he was taking a video selfie but maybe that's the next level of selfie-ing.

Ha ha funny, right? There actually might be a reason for all this (other than teaching the poor sap a lesson on safety). Reddit detectives sifted out a frame in the video where it shows the train conductor's kick as actually blocking a metal protrusion on the train. A swift kick in the face is a helluva lot nicer than a hole in your head. You can see it below:


I still think the kick was warranted.

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