Hacker Turns an NES Console Into an 8-Bit Gaming Laptop

Forget dropping thousands of dollars on the monstrously spec'd gaming laptops sold by the likes of Alienware. As long as you're not itching to play the latest titles, you can look to the hacker who created this brilliant working NES laptop for some money-saving DIY inspiration.


When closed it looks like a perfectly unmodified NES console, but it splits and opens up just below the cartridge slot to reveal a pop-up LCD display. Its creator is still working on polishing up the design—like adding a more aesthetically pleasing bezel around the screen—but from the looks of it the console can actually still play original NES titles using the cartridge slot. An impressive feat since they could barely do that when the consoles were new.

[Nintendo Age via Hack a Day]


This is obviously a fake. He put in the cartridge and it started on the first try. Everyone knows the proper way to start an NES game is:

1. Insert cartridge

2. Turn on NES

3. Watch system restart the boot screen in an endless loop

4. Remove cartridge and blow out the dust from it.

5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 a minimum of 5 times

6. Throw the controller across the room

7. Go get your Gameboy.