Hacker vs. Hacker: New Rival Claims to Out LulzSec Leader

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The weekend is almost here, so it's time for yet another episode of Hacker vs. Hacker. In today's hacker spat, we've got a website down and an identity up. But is it for real? Nobody can know! It's deeply confusing!

Someone going by the nom de guerre th3j35t3r (why do hackers all have to use names that make my keyboard hurt? Hacker dudes: Please change all your names to Bill. Thx!) claims to have taken out the LulzSec website in a denial of service attack and posted information about an alleged LulzSec leader. th3j35t3r has been baiting LulzSec for some time on Twitter, now. The alleged LulzSec'er "Sabu," is purported to be someone named either Xavier Kaotico or Xavier de Leon. The site was apparently down earlier today, but the identity of the LulzSec leader is impossible to verify.


Meanwhile LulzSec has responded by saying, essentially, shenanigans. They even posted what they claim is an improved version of the script th3j35t3r was using.

Phew. At this point, we're just waiting for these guys to brawl in the street.